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De La Terre ~ of the earth is a five-year theme, celebrating the beauty and strength of our planet; Earth. From oceans and rivers to coastline and countryside, the jewellery collections you see below celebrate and capture a little of the energy, calm and strength of the beautiful place we call home.



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There’s something very soothing about walking in a woodland or forest. The trees who have often seen more years than ourselves, stand stoic and steadfast.


In summer the leaves seem to whisper to each other as they flutter in the breeze. As the nights turn in they drop those same leaves like little teardrops. It is not a sad thing. They are getting ready for their sleep as they see out the long winter nights. 


It is in the depths of winter that my foraging begins. Nestled in the leaf litter are the beautiful fine featured treasures of those lost summer days. Leaf skeletons. Each one completely unique, just like our fingerprints. 


Though lace like and delicate, the leaf structure will hold to pass through my rolling mill. Embossing its imprint forever onto silver or gold… 


This collection is a celebration of natures beautiful, yet often unseen details. I hope you enjoy it. 


‘In every walk with nature one receives far 

more than he seeks’… 



- John Muir -



I love being outside and close to the natural world. I find it lifts me, brings energy when I am low or calm when I need it. This collection is very close to my heart and is inspired by two elements that I love in nature...wood and water.


I've been experimental. Some of the pieces have been created using the 'plein-air' method of working directly in the landscape. Both in the Cotswolds countryside and on the beaches in the South where I grew up. Others, I have worked on with foraged natural materials back in my jewellery studio.

Melting precious metals and pressing them into charcoaled logs from the fire has brought to life one-off nuggets of texture and pattern.


Small, dainty cups have been created as air bubbles form around molten silver falling into a jam jar of water drawn from a stream.

Natural foraged materials have come home with me from my walks and found their way through my rolling mill or under a forging hammer. I have been delighted with the textures they have created.

Using the ancient Korean technique of Keum Boo, I have added 24ct gold adding a warmth and richness with a permanent diffusion bond. Raw sheep wool and leaf skeletons impressions have given depth to surfaces.


Finally, many of the pieces have been set with cool, calming, ethically sourced precious gemstones, which has brought an element of serenity.


Taking these organic elements and marrying them with familiar jewellery forms such as rings, brooches, necklaces and earrings, I have created something unique, yet familiar...

An elegant piece of wearable art.

I hope it inspires you...

Transparent background bird only.png

''Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.''


- Albert Einstein -


''Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.''


- Frank Lloyd Wright -


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