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Pebble treasures necklace, from my Tideline collection
This dainty necklace was inspired by many walks along the beach and the precious pebbles that you see and somehow find a way into your pocket…

A hand cut pebble from 1mm recycled Sterling silver , gently embossed with natural materials, brings a unique pattern, just like those pebbles we find on the beach. The patina brings out those textures beautifully. It is accented with two tiny pebble shaped rings that have been forged around stones from the same beach, echoing tideline treasures.

The elements, although connected are free to move with their wearers movements, making it very tactile and a comfort to wear….
The ball chain reflects the sunshine on the ocean. At 45cm long it sits at a flattering length and is the perfect accompaniment to the pendant.

Each one of these contemporary necklaces are completely unique, so the textures will vary slightly from the images shown. They hold whispers of those special pebbles collected on the shore… perhaps one of them holds a wish for you or someone close to your heart…

1mm thick Ecosilver sheet disc Approx 9mm diameter
1mm *ecosilver ring Approx
1mm 9ct recycled gold

Stirling silver 1.2mm ball chain 45cm length or a 45cm length fine rope chain (please let me know which you’d prefer in the notes when you order, thanks)

*Fully traceable recycled Sterling silver (recycled from medical, industrial and jewellery Stirling with silver)

All my jewellery is completely handmade, so each piece will be individual and may vary slightly.

This beautiful unique necklace comes in a Skylark gift box, carefully wrapped in eco friendly packaging ready to be gifted. Usual charges apply for P&P

* Eco-silver bullion is made using scrap jewellery and recycled silver from the medical, electronics and giftware industries, created using a fully traceable and audited process with 100% authenticity

Pebble Treasure - Silver and Gold Necklace

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